May 22, 2024

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20,000 euros for … kindling a fireplace

In Rome, a woman lit a fireplace using postal coupons hidden by her husband for 20,000 euros.

According to the publication Il Messaggero, her husband’s reaction was predictable: “When I saw the flame, I was ready to pass out.” It turned out that the man hid postal savings bonds in the fireplace from thieves, and his wife decided to kindle it at Christmas. An upset husband explains:

“I thought it was a safe place where thieves would never look. My wife didn’t know I hid the postage coupons there. Every year before starting the fire, I rearranged them.”

But this time, he did not have time to notice that his wife decided to “warm up”, and 20,000 euros literally “went down the drain.”

Postage coupons can be paper or electronic. Their buyers pay a certain amount, on which interest is periodically charged. At any time, the owner of the coupons can demand payment of the principal amount, and interest is accrued after 6-12 months from the date of subscription of mail orders.

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