April 24, 2024

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Where do Greeks celebrate New Year’s Eve?

The Greeks, who seem to have stayed at home in quarantine during the pandemic, are now “rushing out of the city.”

Traditional Christmas routes during the Christmas, New Year holidays and Epiphany are sold out almost completely.

As the Deputy Minister of Tourism Sofia Zaharaki notes, “winter destinations – and not only – are preparing to receive their guests these days.”

“Reasonable concerns about the possible impact of the economic crisis on Greek holiday plans have been followed by satisfaction characterized by a significant increase in booking interest to the point that several areas of the country are already sold out,” said Ms Zaharaki. The picture is complemented by an intensive tourist flow in cities. Crowds of people are going to visit the Christmas theme parks of our country. While our ski resorts are gearing up for a season that we hope will have the same amount and quality of snow as last year, adds the Deputy Minister of Tourism.

According to Ms. Zaharaki, during this year’s holidays, an undeniable trend is the desire of travelers to indulge in alternative activities, thus accompanying their stay in different parts of our country. The aim of the Ministry of Tourism is to increase the use of existing Tourism for All vouchers during and immediately after the holidays, as they can be used without any restrictions at any hotel in Greece.

As Ms. Zaharaki emphasized: “We believe that a 12-month tourist season is possible in Greece. We will continue to strengthen the infrastructure and its promotion throughout the year.”

Greeks master almost all winter destinations in the country

As for the destinations that Greeks will travel to, Lysandros Tsilidis, President of the Federation of Travel Agencies (FedHatta), tells APE-MPE that Greeks will travel to almost all winter destinations and, in particular, will visit: Zagorochori, Tzoumerka, Trikala, Pigadia, Drama, Seli, Lake Plastira, Meteora, Pelion, Pertouli and Elati.

At the same time, Arachova will take its place of honor in Central Greece, where occupancy is already at its peak and finding accommodation at the last minute is difficult. As for the Peloponnese, its mountainous regions will also be visited by many tourists, while Monemvasia, in turn, has reached the limit of attendance within a few days.

Greeks also go to Rovaniemi and Dubai

Meanwhile, Mr. Tsilidis reports that a significant number of Greek travelers have decided to leave the country. In particular, Rovaniemi will become a pole of attraction for Greek travelers for another year, just like Paris, London, Vienna, Munich, Budapest, Sofia, Belgrade, Rome and Florence. At the same time, it is emphasized that every year tourist vouchers issued in Greece exceed 500,000.

Most of these travel packages are obviously for the summer period, but those that are for this year’s holiday period are not insignificant. Several thousand tour packages have been sold on European routes.

In addition to the above popular destinations, several dozen Greek travelers who did not rest in the summer will go to Dubai, Morocco, the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, India, Latin America, Canada and America. In any case, Mr. Tsilidis notes, the country’s largest urban centers, Athens and Thessaloniki, will be “oversaturated” with both Greeks and Israelis, as nightlife appears to have become a separate tourist product.

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