February 8, 2023

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Travel by public transport: the cost is linked to the duration of the route

The plan for a zonal fare system for Athens urban public transport is back on the ministers’ table. A proposal is being considered – to set the cost depending on the length of the passenger’s journey along each specific route.

Final introduction zone ticket with payment proportional to distanceto be traveled by public transport, the entry of bicycles and other minibuses into the bus lanes of Athens, and the installation of charging stations for electric buses are three measures that ΟΑΣΑ is considering with a view to implementing a new strategic transport plan for Attica.

The organization announced an international competition for the preparation of a new plan for the period up to 2040, since the current one was drawn up after 2009 and now no longer meets the transport needs of the capital. An open selection process has already begun to select a contractor for the preparation of the Attica Strategic Transport Plan study, which will be completed in four phases.

The budget for the research project, which will last 23 months, is 2.37 million euros. It should be noted that the existing urban transport network is based on data from almost 15 years of research (travel demand and destinations) based on the then social, economic and transport conditions of Attica.

The strategic plan will include all modes of transport – from urban public to private cars, taxis, ΚΤΕΛ, commuter rail, municipal bus routes, as well as micromobile vehicles. The aim is to map the transport characteristics of Athens and the transport habits of the citizens.

The study will answer important questions for planning an innovative transport system:

  • “Demand” for stops: where passenger activity is concentrated, number of boarding/dropping off, number of vehicles, routes to be laid to avoid congestion, and what is the average occupancy on the route segment.
  • Frequency of trips: how many vehicles need to be sent to serve each transport corridor, the frequency of arrival of vehicles at stops on each section of the route.
  • Trip Density by Zone: Areas of high demand, number of daily trips by zone, including both public transit trips and total trips (as provided by registrars and apps).
  • Trip duration distribution: Data will be collected on average trip duration and the most important trip starting points.

The division of Attica into zones with different fees returns to the fore with actual cancellation of a single ticket. The zoning system has been under consideration for many years, and so far has been discussed and studied at least twice, but a decision on its implementation has not been made. The new study will analyze the main elements of the structure of the pricing system: the fare strategy, the method of payment and the amount of charges.

The study will include all types of urban transport (buses, trolleybuses, metro, tram, suburban train), all executive authorities that ensure the operation of transport will be involved, and the social component will be studied – the entire population and its special categories and groups (students, pensioners, the disabled, the unemployed), who are potential users of urban transport in Attica.

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