March 26, 2023

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PCT: lack of Russian tourists leads to billions in losses

European countries will lose up to a billion euros due to the lack of tourists from Russia, says Yuri Barzykin, vice president of the Russian Union of Tourism Industry.

Tourism industries in the Mediterranean countries and Turkey, he says, are suffering tangible losses due to sanctions, disruption of logistics and problems with payment systems that affect the arrival of Russians. The Vice-President of the PCT clarifies, writes

“Prosperous Turkey, where Russians traveled most often, has lost almost half. The Mediterranean countries also suffered a blow Рthey lost a billion euros each, these are Spain, Italy, Greece, as well as France, Germany.

Barzykin notes a positive trend towards the rest of Russians in their homeland, about 20% of tourists have chosen domestic tourism.

Earlier, Anton Loginov, trade representative of the Russian Federation in Helsinki, said that the tourism sector in Finland, without Russian tourists, loses more than 2 billion euros annually. Before the coronavirus pandemic, they were the largest group of foreign tourists visiting the country, writes GreekReporter.

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