June 20, 2024

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Have you already decided where to go for Christmas? There are interesting options (video)

We would like to offer you seven delightful Greek villages where you will spend magical Christmas days. Don’t believe? See for yourself.

Take a virtual trip and choose where you’ll travel – it’s entirely possible to visit all seven. After all, all the settlements, as the publication assures CNN Greece, perfect for Christmas celebration. Travel Inspiration presents Greek, original and beautiful, real Christmas villages:

Crickello (Evrytania) – (Κρίκελλο Ευρυτανίας);

Platanos Orini (Nafpaktia) – Πλάτανος Ορεινής Ναυπακτίας;

Athanasius Diakos (Phocis) – Αθανάσιος Διάκος Φωκίδας;

Valtesiniko (Arcadia) – Βαλτεσινίκο Αρκαδίας;

Tsepelovo (Yanina) – Τσεπέλοβο Ιωαννίνων;

Fidakia (Evrytania) – Φιδάκια Ευρυτανίας;

Dimitsana (Arcadia) – Δημητσάνα Αρκαδίας.

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