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Christmas living room – decorating tips from the pros

How to turn your living room into a fabulous space filled with the atmosphere of a holiday, family comfort and magic? Listen to the advice of professionals and you will not regret it.

Place for the Christmas tree and its height

The main condition is that a decorated tree should not restrict freedom of movement. If the living room is large, choosing a place for the Christmas tree is not difficult, if necessary, slightly moving the furniture. If the room is small, it is better to choose one of the available alternatives – you can put a small Christmas tree on a nightstand or table, or stay on a flat, wall-mounted version. The height of the tree plays an important role, and it can be difficult to decide on it. The ideal size is about 20 cm from the top of the tree to the ceiling. If you choose a Christmas tree that you put on a piece of furniture, the optimal height will be 150 cm.

vertical decoration

Regardless of the presence of a Christmas tree, even in its absence, festive garlands and Christmas lights will fill the living room with a very special, fabulous atmosphere. And do not forget wreaths, candles, Christmas tree branches. All these decorations will visually expand the space, make the room bigger and more elegant. Use vertical spaces by hanging garlands at the entrance to the living room, and small wreaths and Christmas cards at the top of the window. Decorate the bookshelves, fireplace and TV with narrow long candles and Christmas tree branches. And Christmas garlands will look great on the ceiling (if they are tall enough). If the Christmas tree has taken its place in the corner of the room, place a backlit garland on the other side of the room, and in the center of the living room, on a coffee table, place a bright lamp and other festive elements that focus attention.

Be careful with intense shades

Too many bright elements in one space can create an overly intense effect if you’re not careful. Choose neutral hues to dominate and add bold accents to them – red, gold, green or even purple or blue. If white colors become the background, then bright elements will create an interesting color contrast.

Bring the wreaths inside

The Christmas wreaths that many love to hang on their front door actually look more appropriate and sophisticated inside the home. They can be hung on a bookshelf or fireplace, put on a coffee table. Choose either one that will attract the attention of guests, or several small ones scattered around the living room.

New Year’s textiles

A few pillows and a light blanket on the sofa with Christmas motifs will add bright colors to the room, as well as give warmth and comfort on winter evenings. If they have a neutral pattern, such as snowflakes, they can be left in the living room after the holidays.

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Decorated vases and candles

Colorful jars and vases are great for placing fragrant spruce branches, balls, garlands. Against their background, the furniture will become more elegant, and the room will be festively cozy. In addition, such decorations do not take up space. And you can’t do without candles at Christmas – multi-colored, scented or, for those who are afraid of open fire, decorative options.

New Year’s windows

Creating a Christmas display will add style to both the interior and exterior of your home. Choose a backlit curtain or glowing stickers in different shapes, colors and sizes to add some Christmas magic.

Even the simplest decorations can transform your living room. Fill it with a sense of joy, the expectation of pleasant changes, fantastic lights and colors.

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