June 20, 2024

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Meteorologist Sakis Arnautoglu predicts the coming cold: from Sunday, November 27, a drop in temperature and rain is expected in Greece.

In the coming days, cold air masses will cover our country, forcing the thermometers to drop to 13-14°C. On Sunday, it will rain in some areas of central and southern Greece, and local rains are expected in Attica in the late afternoon.

On Monday, the weather will not change, but the temperature will drop significantly – up to 10°C in central and northern Greece, no more than 13-14°C in the rest of the continent. A low pressure area will form in the west, affect our region on Wednesday and change the weather significantly. According to forecasters, cold air masses are expected to remain in the country for quite some time, at least until early December. newsbeast.gr.

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