February 21, 2024

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Brief weather forecast for three days

In Greece, it gradually becomes cooler, the temperature drops, autumn slowly comes into its own.

The weather will be sunny and clear in most of Greece today, with cloudy weather in the central and northern continental regions in the afternoon. Local rains, warning meteorologist Kristina Sousi, will be held in Macedonia and possibly in Thessaly.

The air will warm up to an average of 24-26°C. The force of the wind in the Ionian Sea will be 3-5 points on the Beaufort scale, in the Aegean – 4-6 points, with local gusts up to 7 points in the afternoon.

In Attica it is sunny and a little cloudy, the temperature is 14-25°C. In Thessaloniki, rain in the middle of the day, light wind, the thermometer will show from 12°C to 22°C.

On Friday, small local rains are expected in Central Macedonia, eastern Thessaly, eastern Sterea and northern Crete. A slight decrease in temperature is predicted in the north and east. Over the weekend in the north of Crete, it will be cloudy, with a slight chance of rain. Temperatures will drop even further and will fluctuate seasonally.

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