Ex-Minister of Defense E. Apostolakis: "If there is a war with Turkey, we will be destroyed as a country"!

The statements of the former Minister of National Defense and Honorary Chief of the General Staff of the Greek Armed Forces on the outcome of a possible Greco-Turkish war caused shock.

Evangelos Apostolakis, referring to the possibility of a military conflict between Greece and Turkey, on Tuesday made a not too optimistic forecast regarding the outcome of the conflict with Turkey.

“We will be destroyed as a country”

The former defense minister clearly said: “In the event of a conflict with Turkey, Greece will be left alone, like Ukraine. Perhaps much more alone than we would like …”.

In particular, Mr. Apostolakis, speaking on one of the radio stations and answering the question whether he believes that in the event of a conflict with Turkey, Greece will be left alone, he said verbatim: “I say that we will be left alone, I just know that this will happen, look what is happening in Ukraine. I’ll just say that Ukraine is alone. Who is fighting, who is suffering from all this evil of war? Therefore, we should not fall into this logic: who will help us? Nobody will help us, we will be supported, pat on the back and say that we are right, and send us some weapons systems, and we will go back 100 years, we will be destroyed as a country.”

About how long the war will last

When asked about the duration of a potential military conflict, the former defense minister first said: “I don’t want to make estimates in scenarios that, in my opinion, are very unlikely to occur. But no one can predict how long wars will last, because that there are many parameters that cannot be calculated from the very beginning.

He also added: “First of all, as far as states can withstand the war, you see that Russia has exhausted all its weapons potential. So imagine at what level we and Turkey are, we are dependent states in matters of defense, how much we can withstand, but no matter how much we endure, the destruction will be huge. I don’t think there are winners and losers in wars, the damage is proportional to both sides.”

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