Ex-Minister of Defense E. Apostolakis: "If there is a war with Turkey, we will be destroyed as a country"!

The statements of the former Minister of National Defense and Honorary Chief of the General Staff of the Greek Armed Forces on the outcome of a possible Greco-Turkish war caused shock. Evangelos Apostolakis, referring to the possibility of a military conflict between Greece and Turkey, on Tuesday made a not too optimistic forecast regarding the […]

Apostolakis on a possible conflict with Turkey: "It’s hard to control how far it will go"

The Honorary Chief of the General Staff of the Greek Armed Forces does not share the scenarios according to which the potential conflict will last no more than 3-4 days, since the war could spread to the entire territory of Greece. “If a military confrontation starts, it’s hard to control how far it will go,” […]

Erdogan seems to be preparing the population of Turkey for war with Greece

“The rhetoric of the Turkish president is becoming more and more aggressive, and now Erdogan is openly threatening a military attack. In a gradual escalation scenario, we are in the preliminary stages of a possible war,” DW reports. The marginalization of Turkey in the Western media, as a symptom of its gradual drift away from […]

Skirmish between Greek MPs and Turkish defense minister at NATO meeting

The conflict that broke out between the Turkish defense minister and the Greek deputies led to the fact that the minister left the NATO meeting in a rage. A serious diplomatic incident occurred on Tuesday during a meeting of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly Committee in Istanbul. “Demilitarize the islands,” the Turkish defense minister demanded. “You […]