February 21, 2024

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The Greek government turned … to the EU to strengthen Evros

Not so long ago, the meeting of the ΚΥΣΕΑ, which discussed the main issue – the security of the border on Evros, ended, and its results raised many questions from citizens, since it was said that any expansion of the fence on Evros is carried out gradually, since we are waiting for permission and funding from the European Commission.

At the same time, the issue presented to the parliament by the independent deputy K. Bogdanos – about the deportation of illegal immigrants and the incredible cancellation of final decisions – was tough. Turkey’s new land border strategy was the focus of today’s Council of Ministers meeting at the Maximu Mansion, chaired by the Prime Minister.


  • The ΚΥΣΕΑ (General Staff of the Hellenic Army) decides to gradually extend the fence along the entire Evros River. This will be done with national resources unless there is European funding, which is not on the horizon. We have submitted an application to the European Commission, but it has not yet been considered.
  • A comprehensive review of the situation at sea and on land has been carried out. At sea we have a tripling of the number of incidents, especially on the way to Italy, as, for example, the incident on Kythera the other day.
  • The Evros incident was discussed. It was established with all certainty, although the maps were drawn in 1926 and the geomorphology is variable, that the incident of August 15 with the islet was directed from Turkey.
  • “We have to be on the lookout,” say the participants in the meeting, and this is because the scenarios have already been evaluated, but it is not clear how the Turks will behave and how much they will pull the string.

In the presence of the foreign and defense ministers, the chief of the general staff and other high-ranking ministers, all the facts were presented at the meeting so that the Evros scene would not be repeated in the coming weeks and months.

Bogdanos’ question about migration:

“I am inviting Mr. Mitarakis to Parliament with a topical issue so that he can defend, institutionally and nationally, unacceptable decisions on illegal immigration. By what right and on what basis are final deportation decisions officially issued by the Greek judiciary overturned?

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