June 20, 2024

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The diver performed artificial respiration… on the turtle

A sea turtle entangled in strong nets was rescued near Gennadios Beach in Rhodes.

According to a Facebook post by Stavros Akkouris, head of the local community, an experienced diver pulled the turtle ashore, gave it CPR and, with the help of other bathers, freed it from its fetters. lifo.gr. The rescue operation lasted four hours before the turtle was released back into the water.

“In order to rescue a turtle that was found entangled on the bottom of the sea at Gennadios Beach, we called Georgios Makrillos, an experienced diver, and a rescue operation began. The diver dived, cut the net, rescuing the animal. Antonis Venetsianos, Tsambika Diakostergu, Fotini Makrillou, Pavlos Papasavvas, children and vacationers on the shore took an active part in the rescue operation on the shore,” said Stavros Akkuris.

Recall that in Greece there is an organization for the protection and protection of turtles ARCHELON. An unexpectedly large number of Caretta sea turtle nests have been reported in Greece and throughout the Mediterranean, according to official figures released by the environmental organization ARCHELON. Record data made it possible to declare 2020 the Year of the Sea Turtle.

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