May 27, 2024

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Be careful, in some regions of Greece the heat will reach 40°C

Meteorologist and director of research at the National Observatory of Athens Konstantinos Lagovardos warns: “We are concerned about the duration of the heat wave because it is dangerous.”

The meteorologist warns of a high risk of wildfires and calls for caution for vulnerable citizens and outdoors:

“The heat wave will continue at least until the end of the month, with high temperatures across much of the country.”

Lagovardos warns that over the next ten days, the thermometer will rise to 39-40°C:

“In many areas, mercury will show more than 37 ° C and 39 ° C. We are concerned about the duration of the heat wave, since it is dangerous not only for human health, but also for ecosystems, the environment and fires. This is a difficult period in the third decade of July, and it needs attention.”

According to the meteorologist, temperatures will reach 40°C in Crete, Central Macedonia, the eastern islands of the Aegean, Thessaly, East Sterea and Attica:

“Most of the country and most of the population will be exposed to peak temperatures and very high temperatures in the coming days. And since such a duration of a heat wave is debilitating, it requires a lot of attention, especially for the vulnerable part of the population and those who are outdoors. Thermal A wave is an insidious weather phenomenon that kills people, as we have seen in other countries with heat waves.”

Regarding the strong winds contributing to the fires, he said:

“They are not expected to be as strong as in previous days, but the winds will be. We expect the wind to also intensify, this will increase fire danger indicators.”

The rise in temperature began on Thursday, the heat will continue for a long period of time, at least until the end of the month, according to the forecast from the National Observatory of Athens/ CNN Greece.

Our publication recalls that seven so-called friendship clubs will be open from 8:00 to 20:00 on extreme heat days. They are located at the following addresses:

  • Λέσχη Φιλίας Κουκακίου, Δράκου 26-28, τηλέφωνο επικοινωνίας 210 9232044.
  • Λέσχη Φιλίας “Η Ανάληψη του Κυρίου” Νέου Κόσμου, Χελντράιχ 15, τηλέφωνο επικοί240ω3
  • Λέσχη Φιλίας Βοτανικού, Κοζάνης 4, τηλέφωνο επικοινωνίας 210 3423716.
  • 210 514087
  • Λέσχη Φιλίας Αγίου Ελευθερίου, Αχαρνών 372, τηλέφωνο επικοινωνίας 210 2012334.
  • 210 8815877.
  • 210 6459890.

All the hygiene and safety rules for Covid-19 will be strictly observed in the premises, with the mandatory use of a mask throughout the stay, while there will be natural ventilation and an antiseptic solution. For better service, interested parties should first contact either the Friendship Club of their choice, Citizen Service Line 1595, or Call Center 210 5277000.

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