8 million euro bunker to be built in Brussels

The European Union wants to reliably protect itself from wiretapping and espionage. To do this, they plan to build a bunker for secret negotiations worth 8 million euros.

According to EUobserver, the project is already ready, it remains to choose a place for it. The bunker will be able to accommodate approximately 100 people: 34 leaders and recorders, maintenance and technical staff.

Important talks will take place there (not for outsiders’ ears), and the equipment will include autonomous communications, 30 safe booths for interpreters with microphones connected to them, and a large screen.

A special NATO-certified isolation frame will protect the meeting room from radio and electromagnetic waves that can be intercepted remotely. In order to get inside, you will need to obtain a special security clearance SECRET EU. It is intended for those who are admitted to an interest-sensitive EU information. In this case, even cleaners will have to have such a permit.

During the secret negotiations, participants will be without their smartphones – they will have to leave them and other gadgets in soundproof lockers outside the bunker.

The ultra-secure facility is expected to be built before 2024, at the EU Council complex in Brussels, where the summits are held. However, the exact location has not yet been determined.

According to EUobserver, the decision to build the bunker was made against the backdrop of the war in Ukraine and plans to create a joint EU and NATO armed forces. The fact that Belgium recently expelled two Russian spies who specialized in signal interception also played a role. In addition, Israel and China have also been embroiled in EU wiretapping scandals in recent years.

Earlier, our publication told how the fear of nuclear war increased demand for bomb shelters in Europe. Against the backdrop of fears that hostilities will go beyond Ukraine, residents of France, Germany, Great Britain and Switzerland are intensely interested in information about the construction and purchase of protective shelters. Klaus Haglund of Bühler GmbH, a Swiss firm that repairs and installs bunkers, says: “Since March, people are very scared and need immediate help.”

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