February 21, 2024

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“Base of Russian propagandists”, created in Ukraine, contains the data of 1800 people

Public figures who support the Russian invasion and spread anti-Ukrainian narratives have been included in the Russian Propagandist Database created in Ukraine, the data of which will be updated quarterly.

This is a volunteer information hygiene initiative “How not to become a vegetable”which partnered with YouControl to provide a list of advocates active in the past eight years, reported on the site. The data in the database is divided into categories: media, writers, experts, music, cinema, television, bloggers, politics, war correspondents, sports, scientists, youth propaganda, theater, army, church, and others. The post on the site says:

“The purpose of creating the base: Russian propagandists and their accomplices must be held accountable for the genocide of the Ukrainian people, in which they took part in the information.”

The majority in the database are Russians, there are also several Belarusian media workers, collaborators from Crimea, representatives of the occupied territories of Donbass. The list also includes citizens of Ukraine who now live in Russia and are collaborators, for example, Ilya Kiva, Alexander Mashchenko, Dmitry Vydrin. Most of all surnames (628) in the category “Media”.

The base was transferred to the NAPC – the National Agency for the Prevention of Corruption, which, at the request of the Foreign Ministry, is now analyzing which individuals should be sanctioned because of their actual participation in organizing the war. This database, the website says, will expand the existing list of “candidates for sanctions”, which are 15.5 thousand individuals and 3.7 thousand legal entities. These are deputies and officials from the Russian Federation and Belarus, oligarchs and judges, security officials and the military, politicians.

The created database became part of the international system RuAssets from YouControl. This platform accumulates information about more than 150,000 individuals and 10,000 different organizations – state traitors, military terrorists, companies that have not left the Russian market, and participants in the sanctions lists.

RuAssets is a new international tool for checking connections with politically exposed persons and persons from the sanctions lists in the CIS countries (Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Kazakhstan) at the deepest level of communication (3rd and 4th levels). This is a tool for searching for Russian and Belarusian assets in order to check, freeze accounts and seize property.

How does the huge network of Russian propaganda work, which is designed to make Russia fall in love with the war against Ukraine? Not so long ago, Mikhail Piotrovsky, director of the Russian Hermitage for many years, in an interview with Russkaya Gazeta, said:

Russian recent exhibitions abroad are just a powerful cultural offensive. If you want, a kind of “special operation”. Which a lot of people don’t like. But we are coming. And no one can be allowed to interfere with our offensive.

Propaganda is not limited to the work of media people, politicians and political technologists to achieve the goal, says YouControl. Horns from different spheres are involved. And each widely uses arguments and emphases that are understandable to his audience. That is why there are many seemingly non-political people in the database – astrologers, priests, athletes, scientists. All of them are involved in the genocide of the Ukrainian people, which occurs as a result of massive propaganda. In the future, it is planned to add such categories as “esotericists” and “ideologists of the Russian world” to the database.

Detailed information on the methodology of base formation and evidence collection is described on the platform RuAssetswhere the base is located. War propaganda is an international crime. Everyone who is involved in the work of propaganda, which laid the informational basis for the genocide of the Ukrainian people, must be identified and punished justly, the website says.

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