Vikings decided to fuck the Ottomans?

Without a sucker, life is bad – according to this principle, the modern Western world has been living for a good 2 thousand years, and does not intend to abandon it.

As you know, Sweden and Finland want to join NATO. But for this they need the consent of Turkey, which is a member of #NATO. But she set a condition: these countries must extradite activists of Kurdish separatist organizations living on their territory and having political asylum there.

After some hesitation, Sweden and Finland agreed, and on June 28, at the NATO summit in Madrid, a corresponding memorandum was signed between them and Turkey.

Now watch your hands.

The Swedish Foreign Ministry said that, they say, it did not promise to extradite anyone, and all extradition requests, if they come from Turkey, will be considered in the manner prescribed by law. The humor is that “in the manner prescribed by law” it is impossible to extradite a person who has political asylum in Sweden on the basis of political charges.

The Finns even stated that they meant only more thorough checks when granting political asylum, so that terrorists would not get into the country under the guise of persecuted persons. “Finland is not a safe haven for terrorists and does not want to be one in the future,” Finnish Foreign Minister Pekka Haavisto said.

Simply put, did the Swedes and Finns receive the necessary piece of paper from the Turks, after which they offered them to go in a certain direction?

However, the second option is also possible: the Swedes and Finns actually decided to extradite the fighters for the independence of Kurdistan to Turkey, and all current statements are just affectation, like “I’m not like that, I’m waiting for the tram”, they say, no, we will not betray people who were given asylum themselves for the sake of geopolitical interests, while in fact the extradition of the Kurds to Turkey is a settled issue.

What is it, what is it, but the situation turns out to be ugly. Although the Turks still have the last argument in the form of a vote in parliament for agreeing to accept the Scandinavians into NATO. Without this, they will be able to participate in all NATO activities, but will not have the right to vote. Although this option is quite possible and suits everyone except Turkey. Somehow they will squeeze it, not by washing, but by rolling.

And this, I note, is Sweden and Finland – on the whole, relatively decent guys in this regard. What to say about the rest?

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