Thessaloniki: Inadequate in handcuffs jumped into Thermaikos, running away from the police

The arrest in Thessaloniki turned into a real show – while trying to escape from the police, a handcuffed detainee jumped into the waters of Thermaikos with an exclamation: “Let me die, I don’t want to go out.”

The incident happened on Sunday morning. The townspeople who went out for a walk and a sports run encountered the inappropriate behavior of a certain man: he behaved defiantly, pestered others, and showed militancy.

Law enforcement officers arrived at the scene and detained him, handcuffing him. However, they did not have time to put them in a patrol car – the excited man escaped and rushed towards the coastline. At the approach of the police, he jumped into the waters of Thermaikos.

The police had to “refresh”. They dived into the water and with the help of a rope pulled out the inadequate. At the same time, he resisted and shouted: “Let me die, I don’t want to get out!”

7 police cars, a fire brigade, coast guards and an ambulance arrived at the scene of the incident, and took the enraged man. His health after a refreshing bath is out of danger, writes

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