February 21, 2024

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Traveling by Car: Nearby Destinations in Demand

This summer, the people of Greece have become addicted to car trips, to “road trips”, due to the high cost of transport and the situation with covid.

The first data was recorded during the days of Easter and May Day in popular (and not so) places in mainland Greece. “The cost of a summer holiday is no longer negligible and has become an important factor in choosing a location. We believe that many of our fellow citizens will prefer destinations 2-2.5 hours away from home, with the goal of keeping fuel consumption as low as possible,” says Themistoklis Bakas, President of Panhellenic Real Estate Network E-Real Estates.

Kalamata, Nafplion and Mani in the ranking of the “best” summer tourist destinations

The “wild” nature of Mani is, as reflected in the network’s related study, a timeless travel destination for local and foreign travelers. iefimerida.gr. Nafplion remains the first destination for all weekends of the year. The destination was chosen by the Athenians on the one hand because of the close distance, and on the other hand, the opportunity to visit the theater of Epidaurus and other archaeological sites of Argolis.

At the same time, a good road network and many options on the beaches over the past 3-4 years have singled out the capital of Messinia not only for a three-day holiday, but also for spending more time here. Options in Messinia with a “base” of accommodation in Kalamata are plentiful, both for day trips and for exploring organized and unorganized beaches. “Kalamata has 694 properties on short-term rental platforms, showing a 28.28% increase over May Day,” adds Mr. Bakas.

New Continental Destinations

This summer, the demand for properties listed on short-term rental platforms in the Peloponnese, according to AirDNA, has grown by 135% compared to last year.

The coronavirus epidemic, along with rising fares, has prompted many citizens to look for alternative coastal areas of the mainland, which “are not yet open to the masses”, but will soon gain attention and “appear” on the country’s new tourist road map.

An increase in real estate registrations on short-term rental platforms was recorded in the prefecture of Elis. It is home to golden beaches such as Killini, Kuruta and Zacharo, which have seen a 43.94% increase in new property registrations from May Day to today.

The “forgotten” tourist prefecture of Achaia seems to be gaining momentum this year, and the coastal areas of the Aegialitida zone, such as Derveni, Longos, Arachovitika, Selianitika, as well as the coastal areas of the municipality of West Achaia, are gaining popularity not only with domestic but also with foreign travelers .

The Nafpaktia area has been a growing tourist destination on all three days of this season with very high occupancy on almost all “three day weekends”.

Increasing registration of new properties on short-term rental platforms in the coastal areas of Attica

Travel costs, an increase in demand this year, and the tense situation with Covid-19 are the main reasons why demand increased by 248% this summer compared to 2021, according to AirDNA data.
“Many foreign tourists prefer to spend an additional 2-3 days in Athens to visit the archaeological sites and “taste the life of the metropolis”. An increase in tourists, especially from America, has been recorded in relation to both 2021 and 2019,” says Mr. Bakas.

This year, many of our fellow citizens, due to their financial situation, have chosen sea destinations in the prefecture of Attica for their summer holidays. The focus is on Porto Rafti, Anavyssos, Oropos and Artemis. While the owners of “tight” wallets who want to relax a bit in Attica before leaving for the Cyclades, they mainly choose Sounio and Vouliagmeni.

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