May 25, 2024

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Tavern visitor saves tourist’s life when he chokes on a piece of melon

According to Creta24, the incident occurred on June 23 in the Plaka Apokoronos area, when a foreigner choked on a piece of melon while eating and began to choke.

He was rushed to the aid of a young man who saved a tourist, writes a news site

That day, the guy was at his girlfriend’s catering establishment, visiting her for coffee. But he couldn’t even imagine what would happen next. At some point, the young man drew attention to the visitor sitting at the table, who suddenly coughed violently and began to choke, clutching his throat.

“I know how to give first aid, so I hurried to him. Initially, the owner of the tavern, who is the father of my girlfriend, tried to help the unfortunate. But he failed to do it properly. And then I got down to business. I immediately grabbed the person and manipulated as required. Thus saved him,” said the young man.

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