December 11, 2023

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Thessaloniki: Rescue of a woman who fell into the Thermaic Gulf

The woman who fell into the waters of Thermaikos on the night of Tuesday 28 June is in a satisfactory condition.

According to the publication GR Times, a 58-year-old woman from the city was taken with hypothermia to the Hippocratio Hospital in Thessaloniki. Currently, the hospitalized woman is being treated.

As it became known, the townswoman, somehow strangely floundering in the sea, was noticed by passers-by and realized that something was wrong with the woman. According to available information, they immediately called the police, as well as an EKAV ambulance.

In the rescue operation, in addition to the coast guard, a tourist boat, located nearby, played a decisive role. The ship was mobilized, the crew managed to pull the woman out of the water.

The boat took the victim to the pier, from where she was taken by an EKAB ambulance to be taken to the Ippokratio clinic. According to preliminary information, the woman is generally healthy, only she is in shock. The patient has symptoms of hypothermia.

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