September 22, 2023

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Turkish media spy on Pserimos

Border Greek island Pserimos was in the spotlight Turkish MASS MEDIA. The Anadolu agency and the TRT Haber television channel broadcast footage from the Greek island and the facilities located on it.

In particular, as the Anadolu agency points out: “Pserimos is located at a distance of 8 kilometers southwest of Bodrum. According to international law, it is forbidden to have military installations here.”

Speaking about the movements of the Greeks, the agency emphasizes that “the deployment of Greek troops [на пограничных островах] continues. Anadolu recorded militarization actions. Artillery mounts next to the flag. “There is a helipad, four buildings and an observation post.”

Anadolu also notes that “tensions have risen with the Greek prime minister’s visit to a particular island.”

TRT talks about the challenge from Greece. He emphasizes that “soldiers and heavy weapons were seen in Pserimos,” which he claims are “equipped in violation of international treaties.”

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