Power Pass: platform open, step-by-step instructions for applying

The platform for joining the Power Pass program, to subsidize electricity bills, is open. The application period ends on the last day of June.

To enter the platform, click HERE. More and more beneficiaries will be able to apply every day, the electronic platform will be opened gradually, depending on the last digit of the tax number ΑΦΜ. Yesterday, Friday, it became available to owners of ΑΦΜ ending in the number 1. This step-by-step submission of applications will greatly simplify and speed up their processing.

Applying is very easy. You will only need Taxisnet codes and an IBAN account – money will be credited to it if approved. All the necessary data will be obtained automatically, through the Interoperability Center of the General Secretariat of Public Administration Information Systems.

Citizens, including students, will be able to receive up to 600 euros to cover the increase in electricity bills from December 1, 2021 to May 31, 2022. The main thing is to meet the established criteria, carefully and correctly submit an application on the online platform.

Step-by-step instruction:

Step 1. After authenticating their personal Taxisnet codes, the beneficiary logs into the platform and applies for financial support.

Step 2. The application may be duplicated if it concerns electricity bills for the beneficiary’s primary residence and for rented housing for dependent children who are full-time students.

Step 3. The application is submitted by only one member of the household. If two spouses who do not live separately are required to file a joint tax return for 2021, one of the spouses must file the joint tax return. If an application is received from the second spouse, it will be rejected.

Step 4. The recipient confirms the update of their primary residence details:

All primary residence data is taken from the 2021 income tax return, if one has been filed, or from the 2020 tax return, if the 2021 tax year has not yet been filed. If the applicant agrees with the data on the main place of residence indicated on the platform, then confirms the correctness for the period from December 1, 2021 to May 1, 2022. Complete data on the main place of residence where the applicant lived on December 1, 2021, January 1, 2022, February 1, 2022, March 1, 2022, April 1, 2022 and May 1, 2022.

Step 5. For payment of electricity bills related to the rented housing of a family’s full-time dependent children, an application must be made by a parent or guardian. Previously, the parent or guardian was required to file a final income tax return for the 2021 tax year and report the rent paid for the child’s residence and the corresponding power number on the tax return Schedule 6.

Applicant verifies or updates rented housing information for full-time children for the period December 2021 to May 2022, including first and last name, owner’s AFM, rental declaration number, and electricity number. If the child’s rented accommodation remains the same as above between December 1, 2021 and May 1, 2022, the beneficiary confirms that the data is valid for the entire above period. In the event that between December 1, 2021 and May 1, 2022 the place of residence of the child has changed in connection with the above, the beneficiary fills in the relevant data for the rented housing in which the child lived, December 1, 2021, January 1, 2022 ., February 1, 2022, March 1, 2022, April 1, 2022 and May 1, 2022. If there is more than one student in the family, the beneficiary follows the same procedure for the second or third residence.

AttentionA: A parent or guardian may submit up to three student applications.

Step 6. After updating the details of the children’s primary residence or rented accommodation, the applicant completes and updates their contact details and, in particular, their email address, mobile phone number, and personal bank account number. He consents to the transfer of the necessary elements of electricity bills from electricity suppliers to ΚτΠ Μ.Α.Ε. to process and calculate the subsidy.

Step 7. The beneficiary finalizes the application for financial assistance. Please note that it is possible to change the details of the application or cancel it before the end of the application period, that is, until the end of June.

Financial support is provided to persons with an annual net household income after taxes, tax year 2020, up to 45,000 euros. If a taxpayer files a tax return for the first time in tax year 2021, the household’s net income after taxes for tax year 2021 is taken into account. Fiscal 2020 revenue figures reported before May 1, 2022 are taken into account. Tax residency data, as well as income for the 2021 tax year, are taken into account as they are declared before each beneficiary applies for financial assistance.

To calculate the assistance amount per recipient, the assistance amount is first calculated for each utility bill issued between December 1, 2021 and May 31, 2022. The amount of assistance to the electricity bill is calculated as 60% of the positive balance resulting from the deduction from the amount of the account adjustment item of the deductions provided by the state and electricity suppliers.

Financial assistance is provided to beneficiaries who are presented with a total increase in electricity bills of more than 30 euros and cannot exceed 600 euros per beneficiary. For example, if the net household fee after deducting deductions for electricity bills issued from December 1, 2021 to May 31 is 800 euros, then the benefit will be 480 euros (800×60%).

The amount of assistance is not taxable, is inalienable and unsecured in the hands of the state or third parties, is not subject to any deductions, fees or contributions, including a special solidarity contribution, is not made and does not count as documented debts to the tax administration and the state, municipalities, insurance funds or credit institutions. It is not counted as income for the payment of any social benefits.

The payment of financial support to beneficiaries will be made after the completion of the submission and consideration of applications. The amount of assistance will be credited to the bank account specified in the application. According to the Ministry of Finance, the payment will be made in stages, from the beginning of July, depending on the time of application and the reliability of the data. The beneficiary will receive an automatic message to the e-mail address specified in the application for assistance with the amount of assistance paid to him or will be informed in case of rejection of the application.

Information in Greek can be found here.

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