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How essential oils help you lose weight

Essential oils are known to help with many conditions such as headaches, nasal congestion, and indigestion. But did you know that they can also be a powerful ally in the fight against excess weight?

Some essential oils can greatly affect mood by blocking the desire to constantly chew something. Others can affect blood sugar levels and fat burning, two parameters that directly affect body weight. So what are these miracle cures?


It’s no secret that we are more likely to ingest unhealthy foods (fast food, junk food) when upset about something. Our cravings and eating habits are associated with fatigue, confusion and stress. Studies have shown that the cool and refreshing aroma of mint relieves stress and mental fatigue. As a result, it is easier to strengthen your resolve and give up cookies and burgers. Put a few drops of peppermint oil into your aromatherapy device and… relax.


The aroma of the famous citrus can play a role in stimulating the metabolism. A study showed that inhaling grapefruit essential oil caused the breakdown of adipose tissue in rats by stimulating their sympathetic nervous system. Experts estimate that this property is due to limonene, a chemical found in many citrus fruits.

Lemongrass (melissa)

Animal studies have shown that the aroma of lemon balm suppresses appetite and promotes weight loss. Like its “relative” grapefruit, lemon balm contains limonene, which helps fight hunger.

For more benefits, try adding 5-6 drops of essential oil to a dispenser just before meals. Alternatively, pour 12 drops of oil into 30 grams of neutral oil (almond or jojoba) and apply a few drops to the back of the neck or abdomen. Thus, beneficial ingredients will enter the bloodstream in a few minutes.


The essential oil is known for its relaxing properties. This means that if you suffer from bouts of binge eating when you’re on your nerves, it can curb your bulimic tendencies. One smell of lavender is enough to relax and feel more comfortable.

How to choose an essential oil? Attention! How to distinguish natural from synthetic, and in no case do we buy their mixture!

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