June 12, 2024

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The US encourages its carriers to buy Russian fertilizers. No, this is not a joke

According to Bloomberg, citing unnamed sources, the US government is beginning to encourage US carriers, logistics companies and agricultural producers to buy and deliver fertilizer from Russia.

It sounds like a joke, but the story itself is very similar to the truth. No, really, watch your hands: first, we introduce “hellish sanctions” against Russia and begin to nightmare anyone who tries to get around them. Naturally, American and European companies are beginning to fulfill them: well, what to do, working with Russia has really become more expensive for itself.

And then suddenly the global agricultural crisis begins! Oh, how unexpected, no one could have imagined that if the largest producer of wheat and fertilizers were “cancelled”, something bad could happen! No, what are you, and it was not in my thoughts! And the funny thing is, while the Europeans are figuring out how to punish Russia (and themselves at the same time) even harder, the pragmatic American administration is slowly starting to unscrew the screws back.

And not for the first time – the same story turned out with oil: it suddenly became clear that the laws of the market work and the shortage of goods leads to its rise in price, then the United States decided that it was better to buy oil from Russia at a discount than to buy it from the Arabs without a discount. And then it also turns out that trawling the Ukrainian coast can take months, and you will have to negotiate with Russia on wheat too. And this is a fiasco.

But do not relax. The fact that politicians do not always imagine the consequences of their actions is no secret to anyone. Many generally believed that finding an “alternative gas supplier” for Europe was a matter of 15 minutes. Yes, this year they will buy Russian oil and Russian fertilizers. And probably the next one too. But what will happen in 5 years? And after 10? No need to flatter yourself – as soon as Russian fertilizers cease to be critically needed, they will immediately be declared “outlaws”.

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