February 29, 2024

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KKE condemns the Greek government sending arms to Ukraine

Speaking at a meeting of the Standing Committee of the Greek Parliament on National Defense and Foreign Affairs, member of the Politburo of the Central Committee of the KKE and MP Georgos Marinos demanded that the Minister of Defense inform the deputies about the shipment of weapons to Ukraine at a meeting of the competent commission of the Parliament, and not during meetings at the ministry behind closed doors .

He stressed that the issue is very serious and is connected with the country’s dangerous involvement in the war and the US-NATO plans.

“The dispatch of armored vehicles to Ukraine is yet another step towards dragging Greece into an imperialist war. The ND government is taking serious responsibility for drawing the country ever deeper into the maelstrom of conflict between NATO and Russia, which is unfolding in Ukraine and threatening to engulf a wider region, including The Balkans, where the situation hangs in the balance.

Along with the network of US-NATO bases, operating day and night on Greek territory, fueling the fire of the imperialist war with weapons, troops and information, along with the missions of the Greek armed forces to support American bombers and aircraft carriers, sending paramilitary units abroad, for example, to Bulgaria , to create new offensive NATO formations, the government goes out of its way to satisfy the interests of the bourgeoisie, turning our country into the executioner of other peoples, and the Greek people into a target.

The complete silence of the government regarding the weapons sent to Ukraine, in fact, confirms what the Rizospastis newspaper wrote about the other day: a huge amount of military equipment was sent to Ukraine, which required more than 20 air cargo flights. We are talking about more than 2,000 missiles, for which warehouses on the islands of the North Aegean were emptied, three or more million rounds of ammunition, dozens of expensive Stiger anti-aircraft missiles, thousands of artillery shells and portable anti-tank missiles, the cost of all these ammunition reaches 30 million euros .

And of course, about the forthcoming shipment to Ukraine of dozens of BMP-1 armored vehicles, which will be withdrawn from military special forces and replaced no one knows when with German “Marders 1A3 / 5”, which literally have been rusting in German fields for a long time. Therefore, the fears of the military, who are wondering how a NATO trade deal to strengthen the military front in Ukraine, will affect the country’s defense capability, are well-founded.

The government’s guilty silence and misleading, unsubstantiated arguments from the outset about “useless” armed systems are raising more and more questions. Moreover, these steps are being taken in the context of the escalation of Turkish aggression and claims to the demilitarization of the islands, and the argument about “NATO solidarity” plays into the hands of the Turkish bourgeoisie.

As military shipments are sent to Ukraine one by one, the government is touting as “an investment in the country’s defense” the huge military spending it plans for the coming years to reinforce NATO’s “show of strength” in its southeast wing!

Orders for the supply of French Rafals and American F-35s serve this purpose, just like SYRIZA, during Tsipras’ visit to the United States in 2017, agreed with the then Trump administration on the modernization of the F-16.

Once again, like last time, the dispatch of Patriot to Saudi Arabia, the continued dispatch of equipment and personnel abroad confirms that participation in NATO plans is not a shield, but a risk factor for the people, pushing them into the “eye of the cyclone” of competition, while also undermining the protection of borders and sovereign rights.

The people should not have any confidence in the government, the bourgeoisie and its parties, all those who send the people to the “guillotine” for the interests of a handful of business groups. It must intensify its struggle against the policy of drawing the country into the US-NATO plans, by its struggle to pave the way for withdrawal from all imperialist alliances, for the power of the people,” the KKE said in a statement.

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