ProNews: Greek shipping will suffer due to government policies

In an editorial, the Greek edition of ProNews sharply criticized the Greek authorities, accusing them of taking care of the interests of the Americans first of all, instead of their own interests, by pursuing US policy towards Russia.

“Does anyone in the government really understand that everything in EU First of all, they care about preserving their interests, and then about satisfying … Americans?, – the author of the publication notes. – An excellent example is the ban on the import of Russian oil into the EU, with the exception of pipeline transportation to Hungary.

What is the only strong economic sector in Greece? Who else is so strong in the field of merchant shipping? And let no one tell us that this is tourism, because tourism depends on exogenous factors, namely, shipping forms exogenous factors. And what has the government done with shipping in the country? It literally did everything to weaken it and thereby reduce the specific gravity of the country.

The EU, in addition to banning Russian oil imports by sea into Europe, also intended to ban shipping companies owned by EU member states from transporting Russian oil to destinations outside the bloc. At the first stage, this was not reported, and Greece was at least among the countries that objected, since this would prevent Greek tankers from transporting Russian oil to third countries.

Nevertheless, the EU continues to try to enforce this ban. It also seeks to target the stockbrokers and insurance companies that help make these transfers possible. Russian oil transported by sea vital to Greek interests. To be precise, most of it is transported by Greek shipowners.

So why did the Greek government not protect the vital interests of the country, but, like an obedient child, obeyed orders from Brussels that do not transport oil and do not transport anything at all?

V. Orban “moved mountains” in order to convey his own demand in the interests of his country. What did Mitsotakis do?”

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