February 21, 2024

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A very valuable watch, stolen in Italy by the method of "hugs"

During an investigation by the police department of the Attica Security Directorate, with international cooperation from Interpol and exchange of information with the Italian authorities, a luxury watch stolen in Italy was found in Athens and confiscated.

The above watch was stolen in 2021 in Italy, when a woman, believed to be of Romanian origin, was a member of a gang specializing in theft and robbery by hugging, managed to remove them from the victim and escape without being seen.

The watch was found in the possession of a Greek resident who bought it for a large sum on a website selling foreign jewelry. The man had with him all the necessary documents for their acquisition, reports iefimerida.gr.

The Department for Combating Theft, Fraud, Robbery and other crimes that usually occur in large crowds in shopping and entertainment areas, where the potential victims chosen by the perpetrators are usually the elderly, will continue to cooperate with the Italian authorities.

The eminent watches will be returned to their owner, who has already lost all hope of returning them.

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