December 11, 2023

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Masks no longer required in Greek supermarkets from today

From June 1, you can enter indoor areas without a mask and without the risk of being fined. But in some places they still remain.

The mask played an important role during the pandemic and today, finally, it is almost a thing of the past. Everyone can decide for himself whether to continue wearing this protective accessory. The Ministry of Health recommends the use of a mask by people belonging to high-risk groups in places where, in the opinion of every citizen, the spread of the virus is possible. However, now this measure is not mandatory, but recommended.

But there are still exceptions. The mask remains a mandatory protective attribute:

  • in public urban transport – metro, buses, trolleybuses, trams;
  • in nursing homes;
  • in hospitals;
  • at final and entrance examinations for schoolchildren and students.

In long-distance transport with numbered passenger seats, the use of masks is not required, as well as in airplanes. A decision has not yet been made regarding maritime vessels. Most likely, the lifting of the mandatory requirement will apply here as well, but with a strong recommendation for passengers to wear a mask indoors.

Masks are not required in supermarkets and retail outlets. However, the ministry emphasizes that everyone should make their own decision, taking into account the recommendations.

As for unvaccinated citizens. Those who have not been vaccinated against coronavirus or have not been ill in the past six months and who work in the private sector with a physical presence will be required to take a rapid test once a week at their own expense. The same applies to unvaccinated teachers.

The above rules and exceptions expire on September 15th.

However, you should not relax too much, be careful – the coronavirus has not gone anywhere. According to the Panhellenic Health Organization, currently subspecies is spreading omicron strain Covid-19 BA.4. Its symptoms include an incubation period of 2-3 days, fever and cough, as well as weakness, runny nose, sometimes loss of smell and intestinal upset.

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