September 27, 2023

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Greece: "healthy eating" from … garbage cans

It’s hard to believe, but Greece has once again returned to a time when you can see older citizens shyly looking for food in garbage cans.

The price pressure on the Greek population can be seen especially clearly in street markets: half-empty shopping carts and an influx of buyers towards the end of the likes. According to Dimitris Patsias, spokesman for the Federation of Farmers’ Market Producers, “we live in the time of the memorandum.” He says:

“We live in the time of the memorandum. We have not seen this for many years. We see our customers who used to buy 4-5 kilograms to live a week now buy 1-1.5 kilograms to live a day or two. Cost life is now dangerously high: electricity, gas, rent. It’s hard for them to go shopping. We thought it was over. The cost of growing for producers is too high. People are having a hard time.”

One woman who made a small purchase notes bitterly, “Prices are going up everywhere. I’ve limited everything.” Sellers on likes say that every time several people come to the market after the end of its work and ask the producers to give them what is left, writes Some even go to the trash can to pick up discarded fruits or vegetables. Lived up…

Earlier, our publication wrote that the impact of inflation on the Greek economy and society is becoming increasingly severe: households are watching a sharp decline their real incomes and fear unemployment in a new cycle of recession, while corporations see their profits fall due to higher production and operating costs and lower sales volumes.

The worst thing is that this phenomenon is not temporary. The Foundation for Economic and Industrial Research (IOBE) notes in its latest economic review that the impact on prices will not decrease in the coming months.

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