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Child pornography: the shocking testimony of a mother whose daughter was a victim of Instagram

Shocking new case of child pornography: The victim was a 13-year-old girl who was approached via Instagram by a man looking for children and teenagers for sexual gratification with a $5,000 reward, she told the channel OPEN mother of the victim.

“My daughter is 13 and she received a friend request on her Instagram page last week. The message came from a gentleman from abroad, quite old. He was looking for something very specific, as he said, “sweet girl”, promising a reward of $ 5,000, ”the mother of the child tells OPEN reporters.

“Even if we talk about it at home, the child gets upset. I tell her, “You didn’t do anything wrong,” to which she replies, “I think it’s my fault that this gentleman sent me a message.”

I feel like my child is going through the psychological drama of thinking she is responsible for something that is not her fault. I don’t want to stop there to protect other children. We contacted the cybercrime prosecutor’s office and presented all the available data on the “gentleman,” the woman said.

Cases of child pornography are shocking

In a child pornography case involving the victim, an 8-year-old girl from Rhodes, whose tablet was found to contain nude photos that she sent to an unknown person on her Instagram account, said cybercrime investigator M. Sfakianakis, “You can easily do this with 8 year old child. The goal is always a meeting. The gentleman who ran these “operations” with the children was arrested when the mother caught her child with a laptop in the toilet. The case immediately went to the prosecution, the pedophile pornographer was discovered and taken into custody, and the case was taken to court.

Since June, when he was imprisoned by the cybercrime prosecutor’s office, officers have located two minor children aged 11.5 years (their parents filed complaints and an investigation began).

The maniac from Instagram has been previously convicted for this. The police found out that in 2017 he was arrested again in Lamia for the same actions.

Children who survived cyber-violence were not called to testify in order not to further traumatize them. However, their parents testified in the case.

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