Shenanigans: illegal nursing home

The exposure of the schemers after the prosecutor’s and police investigation into the activities of an illegal nursing home in Serres caused a wide public outcry.

The established facts are shocking. Doctors and funeral directors made money and sent the elderly to their deaths. As Heraklion Mayor Serres Georgios Koutsakis said on ERT, “We saw that there were elderly people who could not move. We made sure that they were taken to the hospital for a diagnosis of their health condition.”

How the illegal nursing home was discovered

A local pharmacist told Public Television that the illegal nursing home was discovered by the Greek police. “Once an old woman in a wet nightgown was found on the street, rushing about the streets. Not knowing where it came from, a passer-by called the police. They began to figure out what and how. Thus, an illegal nursing home was discovered, ”said a local resident.

According to the information, relatives who paid for the maintenance of their loved ones in a charitable institution believed the explanations and fake documents that were shown to them by the leaders of the illegal nursing home, writes


The authorities during the investigation discovered in Lithotopos Serres in October 2020 a building that functioned illegally, i.e. accommodated the elderly and the disabled. The person in charge of the nursing home has been arrested.

The case involves three people who ran an illegal nursing home, two doctors and a funeral director, who covered up the death of two elderly women living in a hostel without providing them with the necessary medical care.

As it turned out, elderly people lived in the “dormitory”, which operated without a corresponding permit. The premises did not correspond to the status, in addition, people with disabilities were kept in poor living conditions and without hygiene measures.

During the search, pills of narcotic drugs were found, for which there were no necessary prescriptions.

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