Sudden deaths of children in Greece: what is happening

Experts are concerned about the sudden death of young children in Greece. Athena Linou, professor of epidemiology at the University of Athens School of Medicine, says:

“Maybe it wouldn’t have been so terrible in another period, but now three deaths in a row look very incomprehensible. It’s very strange what is happening. I worry too. We are worried that in infancy, sudden death was a known phenomenon, in adolescence age, especially in children involved in sports, the same.Sudden death after a febrile episode is extremely rare.Perhaps in another period, three sudden deaths of children would not have horrified us.Now with coronavirus and hepatitis, all this is worrying, but no one doesn’t know what’s really going on and if it’s within the expected range.”

In Thessaloniki, doctors are alarmed by the sudden death of two young children, aged three and seven. Nikos Kapravelos, Head of Β’ Branch ΜΕΘ Papanicolaou Hospital, shocked by the loss of children:

“The death of a 7-year-old and a 3-year-old child who died of sudden death is under investigation. Obviously, this is a latent infection, encephalitis or meningitis. In hospitals, we do not see patients with underlying diseases, they suddenly become infected and die.”

The shocked and frustrated director of the intensive care unit explains:

“When a child is lost, the sun is lost. There are many infections behind sudden death, and infections from various diseases. However, such cases are rare, but not that they do not exist. For example, the fungus candida auris does not threaten public health, it causes concern in hospitals, and they should be especially careful. In one case, in a three-year-old child, we can talk about the syndrome after a coronavirus infection. Although the child was not infected, his parents became infected, and antibodies to the coronavirus were found in the child’s blood serum. Both cases are under investigation” .

On May 11 at noon, a 7-year-old child was admitted to the hospital with convulsions, high fever, fever, stiffness of the limbs. Doctors fought for his life for two hours, carrying out resuscitation. Unfortunately, they didn’t succeed. The results of the necropsy are now awaited to provide an answer about the cause of the boy’s death.

A three-year-old girl’s left ankle was swollen and her arm hurt. By the evening of April 19, she had a fever. The baby was first hospitalized in the Papageorgiou hospital, and on Sunday she was urgently transferred to the Hippocrates hospital, in the intensive care unit of the clinic, where she died 2.5 hours later. Until April 30, the diagnosis was not established.

Ms. Linu also commented on the situation with the coronavirus:

“The fact that the number of cases and deaths has decreased is very pleasing to our country, and I hope that this will continue further. Internationally, things are different, in America there has been a significant increase, and they do not have the ability to cover patients’ medicines. Monoclonals don’t work, new sub-options are emerging, cases are on the rise, and the concentration of the virus in sewage is also on the rise. masks are not needed. There are concerns and I would encourage people to continue using masks even though they are not mandatory.”

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