February 8, 2023

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Athens Routes: free guided tours from the Municipality of Athens in May

The Athens Cultural Network of the municipality offers the Athens Routes program with history tours, artistic experiences and walks for May 2022.

The goal of the program is for the participants of the routes to get acquainted with the special parts of the city, the “invisible” corners, as well as the unknown stories of Athens yesterday and today. Athens routes provide an opportunity to take part not only for the Greeks, but also for foreigners or visitors to the city.

The program starts on Sunday 8 May and ends on Sunday 29 May 2022.

Participation is free, prior online registration is required.

Two routes are listed in English:

Return to New AthensNadia Georgakopoulou (Alexandrian Publications) – inSunday 8 May: a look at the past through the future. Starting from Hadrian’s Gate, the route will pass by iconic 19th century Athenian buildings and public spaces, while the narrative will focus on architecture, history, as well as the words of their protagonists.

The walk will continue to the Zappeion, the National Garden, Syntagma, Ilios Melatron, the Eye Clinic, the Catholic Church and the emblematic Athenian shopping triangle.

Start time: 13:30. Registration from May 2 to link

Dark AthensArthur Antonopoulos (Alexandria Publications), Sunday 29 May: the route emphasizes the transformation of yesterday’s Athens into a modern attractive metropolis.

In this story, the city’s contemporary characters unexpectedly meet characters from Greek mythology. “Dark Athens” is an exciting “criminal” adventure in the streets of the city with hidden symbols and historical monuments that adorn it.

The Athens Route on May 29 highlights the transition of Athens from yesterday to the modern metropolis. Following in the footsteps of the heroine of his book as she tries to unravel the conspiracy, the route starts from the Athens City Hall (Kotia Square) and continues to Klaftmonos Square and the buried City Walls and Old City. Parliament. Then he will head towards the historic Syntagma buildings and shopping streets (Ermou and Stadiou) to reach Zappeion.

Start time: 13:30. Registration from May 24 to link

These two routes are also offered in Greek.

In addition, the program is also in Greek:

Snehta residency – Kypseli Artists and Fine Arts Hive – Saturday 14 May. An original tour that highlights the evolution of the history of the Kypseli area of ​​Athens with a focus on its cultural and, in general, artistic movement.

Athens First Cemetery: Outdoor Sculptures, Saturday 21 May. A walk through the most important monuments of modern Greece, acquaintance with the architectural types of funerary sculpture presented in the cemetery of the capital.

The First Cemetery of Athens: Where Poets Sleep, Saturday 28 May. A tour of the monuments to poets and writers at the First Cemetery of Athens, which remain unknown to the general public. Excerpts from their works will be read during the walk.

Palamas, Sikelianos, Seferis, Elytis, K. and E. Urani, Malakasis, Xenopoulos, Suris, Mirivilis, Kampisis, Varnalis, Lountemis. A tour of the graves of poets and writers at the 1st Cemetery of Athens, which remain unknown to the general public. Stories about these spiritual figures and the place of their burial in the Athenian necropolis. Excerpts from their works will be read during the walk.

More information in Greek on the website of the Municipality of Athens here.

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