Kornilov: Russophobia turns into political idiocy

Political Russophobia in the West has long since acquired the scale of a serious pandemic. But still, sometimes you want to believe: it has already reached its bottom, there is nowhere to fall further. Because further is not even Russophobia, but sheer political idiocy.

However, then the next news comes – and you understand that a bottomless abyss has opened up there.

After the organizers of the Wimbledon tennis first forced the athletes to sign declarations “against the war in Ukraine”, and after that it’s all the same banned the performance of all Russian and Belarusian tennis players, it is already difficult to be surprised at something. But the British continue to amaze!

After sport came the turn of art. For the organizers of Britain’s largest classical music festival called the BBC Proms (shortly – BBC Proms), the participation of Russian conductors and musicians has always been important component. It has long been impossible to imagine that any festival would be held without them. Therefore, it is more difficult for the BBC to ban Russian music than it is for Wimbledon to ban Russian tennis.

Here is festival director David Picard solemnly and announced : “There is no place at classical music concerts for supporters of Vladimir Putin’s regime.” And critics will be allowed to speak. The question immediately arises: how will you separate supporters from opponents? What kind of questionnaire will you come up with for violinists? What will you do with some neutral bass player who does not follow the news and has not formed his clear position on the special operation in Ukraine? Make conductors paint their sticks blue and yellow? There are many options.

But Picard clarified that he would invite only musicians who “openly criticize the regime.” It will not force them to make public statements, as this will “put them and their families in a dangerous position.” Yeah, they fixed it: only those who publicly criticize the Kremlin will be invited, but at the same time they will not be asked to publicly criticize the Kremlin – this is, they say, dangerous. The organizer could not think that with such an approach, anyone who appeared on the Proms stage, as it were, fixes his political position, the organizer could not. As he did not think that it would be difficult for him to track the political statements of all the musicians.

And someone else will tell us that “sport/art/culture/science is out of politics”. I urge the West not to stop in their idiocy only on the Russians. Let them draw up questionnaires for tennis players or flute players on the conformity of their views to the “general line of the liberal party” as a whole. Why focus on Russia? Gradually include questions like do you support Maduro or Guaido, do you recognize the ideas of Greta Thunberg, do you agree with George Soros canonization as a liberal saint, would you vote for, God forgive me, Donald Trump. Over the years, this questionnaire can grow, be supplemented and modified – it is necessary to “fluctuate with the general line.” Well, judge for yourself, all of a sudden a supporter of Le Pen quietly crept into the Parisian orchestra – can you imagine how this can hit the reputation of the festival?

So the West still has a long way to go. The abyss is getting deeper and wider. There is nothing for them to cling to, and they will fall.

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