Easter: expert advice to avoid unwanted "surprises"

Emergency medicine doctors give some simple tips on how to avoid unwanted “surprises” during the celebration of Easter.

SOS Tips for “Easter Travelers”:

  • We check the car inside and out before a long trip and pay special attention to the situation on the roads due to increased traffic.
  • Before you go on vacation, make sure that the doors and windows of the house are well locked.
  • We report our absence only to relatives and friends or neighbors whom we trust.
  • We never leave a bag, wallet, money, credit cards, car or car keys unattended, no matter where we are.
  • We take with us the medicines that we use regularly and check the first-aid kit in the car to see if the expiration date of the medicines in it has ended.
  • We are in touch with loved ones.

SOS tips during Epitaph and Resurrection:

  • Beware of candles. We avoid those decorated with combustible flammable materials and show children how to hold them. Flames and molten wax can cause severe burns.
  • We do not use, buy or manufacture homemade sparklers and fireworks.
  • We educate our children about the dangers of their use and keep a safe distance.

SOS tips for eating habits:

  • On Easter Sunday morning we do not skip breakfast, which includes dairy products.
  • Avoid snacking exclusively on lamb and accompany the meat with a salad.
  • We pay attention to the consumption of alcoholic beverages and avoid sweets.
  • We eat slowly, chewing food thoroughly.
  • Sunday night we stop eating meat and try to limit ourselves to fruit or yogurt.

First aid

Fainting: do not move the patient and raise his legs above the height of the head. Unfasten clothing that may restrict breathing.

A cut: Wash the wound with plenty of running water. We calmly look where the blood comes from, and press it with a clean towel and ice. If the cut is deep and the bleeding persists, see a doctor.

Heat: it is necessary to apply cold compresses to the forehead and give plenty of fluids to drink (water, tea, orange juice) to prevent dehydration. We give simple antipyretics, if necessary, take a warm bath.

Bleeding from the nose: Lie on your side and pinch the bridge of your nose. If bleeding persists, apply ice to your nose. If bleeding does not stop within 10-15 minutes, see a doctor.

accident – fall: if a fracture is suspected in a fall, we do not move the victim from the place where he isWe are waiting for the doctor to come.

Vomiting – diarrhea: give plenty of fluids to drink because there is a high risk of dehydration (water, tea, etc.). If the symptoms subside, later we give a little food (light food), otherwise we call a doctor.

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