e-EFKA: new platform for complaints against employers

New e-service launched e-EFKAthe purpose of which is to facilitate the possibility of filing complaints on issues related to the control of uninsured (undeclared) work.

In particular, as stated in the e-EFKA announcement, through the service “Employee Complaint-Application for Employment” (https://www.efka.gov.gr/el/kataggelia-ergazomenoy-delose-apascholeses), in the Employees section of the e-EFKA website (www.efka.gov.gr), workers can now file their complaint electronically to receive claim stamps due to insufficient insurance.

Who is this service for?

This service is intended for those workers who were not insured or were not properly insured their employer and wish to receive insurance compensation.

The e-EFKA service provides clarifications regarding the complaint process.

What does that require:

  • In order for an employee to file a complaint against a company, he must know its VAT number, and if his complaint is about a construction project, he must know the name / surname of the owner / contractor and the exact address of the object.
  • For further employee convenience, it is noted that they can file a complaint using the appropriate Employer Registration Number (AME) or Construction Project Registration Number (AMOE). In this case, the rest of the details of the employer will be filled in automatically.
  • In any case, if there is no access to e-services, the employee can file a complaint in writing with PEKA, which has territorial jurisdiction over his place of work.

According to the announcement, a complaint about non-payment of accruals is submitted to the local competent labor inspectorate, and not to the e-EFKA.

Instructions for using the new electronic service are available on the e-EFKA website (www.efka.gov.gr), in electronic services, in the Employees section, “Employee Complaint-Application for Employment” https://www. efka.gov.gr/el/kataggelia-ergazomenoy-delose-apascholeses).

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