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Severe cold weather over the weekend

Starting today, Friday, March 18, a new wave of bad weather is coming to Greece, characterized by the invasion of cold weather.

Cristina Rigu talks to newsit.gr about the coldest March of the last decade. The meteorologist emphasizes that the main feature of the new bad weather will be cold (the temperature has already dropped), while she does not exclude the possibility snowfall in Athens since Monday.

“The data that we have for the first ten days of March indicate that record low air temperatures have been recorded this season. And this is a trend that is likely to continue until the end of the month. We can say that in general, March will be the coldest in the last decade.

Now we are waiting for a new cold invasion. Since yesterday, the air temperature in the north of the country began to decrease, but only slightly. Today, the cold will be felt in most of Greece, we are talking about a decrease in temperature by 10 degrees, reports newsit.gr.

For example, if yesterday the thermometer in Athens showed +18°C, today in the capital it will not exceed +9°C. The temperature in Athens will be close to +7-8°C until next Tuesday.”

The first phase of the bad weather, according to Cristina Rigau, is today, Friday, as well as Saturday and Sunday: “The bad weather will manifest itself with rains and heavy winds, phenomena that will be intense throughout the country, including the southern regions. A cold atmospheric front is coming from Russia.”

As for the wind, Ms. Rigou explains that “From today, winds of mainly northerly direction with a force of 7-8 on the Beaufort scale (in the Aegean Sea) will prevail, and between Crete and the Peloponnese it will reach 9 and 10. So the air temperature, due to strong winds, will be felt as lower. For example, in Athens we can have +8°C, but due to the north wind we will feel the air temperature as +3°C.”

Snow likely to fall in Athens

In the second phase of bad weather, that is, on Monday and Tuesday, according to the meteorologist, in the regions of eastern Thessaly, eastern Sterea, Evia, Sporades, eastern Peloponnese and the Aegean Sea, snow will fall even at low altitudes, although, as it is specially noted, “it is too early to say about the scale and intensity of weather phenomena.

Snowfall, it seems, will also pass in Athens. “The data we have shows that it will snow in eastern Attica from Sunday, it looks like it will snow in Athens on Monday and Tuesday as well.”

When will the storm subside?

As for the mercury column and its fluctuations, Ms Rigu says that “lower air temperatures will be recorded on Monday and Tuesday,” while the cold will slowly recede from Wednesday. “On March 25, I can’t say that there will be spring weather, but after some time the air temperature will start to rise,” the meteorologist said.

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