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Winter weather persists until Wednesday, with snow expected

Warming should not be expected until Wednesday, on the contrary, winter is in a hurry to finally annoy with strong winds and frosts.

The National Meteorological Service warns that despite the spring equinox, which came this year on March 20, winter bad weather does not give up its positions. In the coming days, the weather will be windy, and the cold will be accompanied by heavy snowfalls. The emergency meteorological bulletin states:

Very cold weather, with increased winds in the Aegean Sea, will continue until Wednesday (23-03-2022), and worsening in the intensity of snowfall in the eastern part of the country on Tuesday (22-03-2022) in the mountains / plateaus and even in areas with less height above sea level on the mainland. Snowfall on Tuesday, heavy in places.

IN Monday 21 March it will snow at times in Thessaly, Sterea, Evia and east/central Peloponnese, with light to moderate intensity, even in areas of low altitude. In the mountains and semi-mountains of Crete, local snowfall will be heavy.

In Tuesday 22 March from noon, a gradual increase in snowfall is expected in Central Greece, Evia, Thessaly, Sporades, central Macedonia (mainly Chalkidiki), eastern Macedonia and Thrace, eastern Peloponnese and Crete, in mountainous and semi-mountainous areas, possibly at a lower altitude. In the afternoon, in the above regions, in the Cyclades and Dodecanese, local heavy rains are expected.

IN Wednesday 23 March snowfall will be limited to a few regions – it is expected in the eastern part of Central Greece, Evia and Crete. After noon, there will be a gradual weakening of precipitation, writes newsbeast.gr.

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