Social tariff: what beneficiaries will receive from new subsidies for electricity

Environment and Energy Minister Kostas Skrekas specified the measures announced by the Prime Minister of Greece to support citizens affected by rising energy prices. What exactly will beneficiaries who have a social tariff receive?

According to the announcement made by the competent ministers regarding subsidies for gasoline, heating oil (for heating), as well as covering part of the electricity bills and Easter payments, it was noted what exactly will change in the electricity bills of citizens.

The average monthly aid to the COT increases from 53 euros in March to 87 euros in April. That is, in vulnerable households, the first 300 kWh of monthly consumption is subsidized in the amount of 290 euros per MWh. According to the minister, since September last year, Greece has been implementing almost all possible instruments recently announced by the European Commission.

The average price of electricity from the beginning of March to today is 312 EUR/MWh, while in January it was 227 EUR/MWh and in February 213 EUR/MWh, which is 5 times higher than last year. The energy crisis is a pan-European problem and a European solution is badly needed, reports

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis presented a 6-point targeted proposal for regulatory action at the European level to reduce the price of natural gas and therefore electricity.

Since September 2021, the Greek government has been implementing monthly consumer support measures adapted to changes in energy prices. This is the first country in Europe that has created an Energy Transition Fund, to which the surpluses of the special account for RES, the SGI special account, etc. are sent.

Electricity – subsidy to household accounts – households

The subsidy will be received at the main place of residence, as indicated in E1, by approximately 4.2 million households, i.e. citizens, regardless of income, area of ​​residence or service provider (electricity supply company).

The average monthly aid for an average household consuming up to 300 kWh per month increases from 40 euros in March to 72 euros in April, i.e. by 80%.

In particular, in April the authorities subsidize 150 kWh of consumption in the amount of 270 euros per MWh compared to 150 euros in March.

For monthly consumption between 151 and 300 kWh, the subsidy is 210 euros per MWh, compared to 110 euros in March.

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