March 1, 2024

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New rules during the sales period

The bill provides for changes aimed at protecting consumers and their financial interests. There are special rules regarding the prices indicated before and after the offer, since there will be no time restrictions.

The draft law of the Ministry of Development, submitted for public discussion, aims to ensure fairness and transparency of relations between trade enterprises and consumers, which contributes to the proper functioning of the internal market.

The bill introduces further liberalization of offers and at the same time toughens penalties in case of misleading about discounts.

With regard to offers, the bill removes the time limit, according to which offers of specific goods could not exceed ten consecutive days.

However, the prices displayed before and after the offer are subject to special restrictions in order to eliminate the phenomenon of “false markdown”. With regard to discounts, the same provisions remain in force:

Winter sales start on the second Monday of January and end at the end of February. Summer discounts start on the second Monday of July and continue until the end of August.

For the season of intermediate discounts, the provisions of the law may be changed before the finalization of the bill, and the final text submitted to Parliament may provide for their abolition.

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