Amounts of subsidies for electricity and gas in March

The Ministry of Ecology and Energy is slightly expanding the scale of electricity consumption for issuing subsidies in March, as a result of which the amount is adjusted accordingly.

According to a letter addressed to suppliers by Minister of Environment and Energy Kostas Skrekas, the subsidies, which continue into March for the seventh consecutive month, are as follows:

For residential customers with sliding tariffs and for first homes, the subsidy is 150 euros per megawatt-hour for the first 155 kilowatt-hours of monthly consumption (compared to 150 kWh, which was the limit in February) and for consumption from 156 to 310 kW- h. (from 300 kWh), subsidy 110 euros per MWh. Thus, the total amount of the subsidy is set at 40.03 euros. For households with a social tariff, the subsidy remains at €170 per MWh for the first 310 kWh (instead of 300). For business customers with fluctuating electricity supply tariffs, regardless of voltage, the subsidy remains at €65/MWh per consumption throughout the month. For gas, the state subsidy in March remains at 20 euros per MWh of heat for all consumers (domestic and non-residential, excluding electricity producers).

Meanwhile, as he writes dikaiologitika.grthe electricity price on the exchange was 281.75 euros per MWh, up 11%, but still lower than in most European countries, and is the third lowest (after Poland and Bulgaria).

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