May 18, 2024

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Employees of the Russian diplomatic mission leave Ukraine

An informed source told RIA Novosti about the situation in Kiev – Russian consular officers and diplomats are leaving Ukraine and leaving for the Russian Federation:

“According to the statements of Ukrainian citizens, Russian diplomats and consular officers in Ukraine have begun to leave for Russia. This, in particular, is evidenced by the difficulties that have arisen when making an appointment with the consulates and the embassy.”

Companion agencies notes that this “suggests that Moscow has decided to go the same way” against the backdrop of the evacuation of diplomatic missions of some Western countriesby adding:

“By the way, Sergei Lavrov hinted at the possibility of such a scenario during a press conference following negotiations with British Foreign Secretary Elizabeth Truss.”

The ministerial meeting took place on 10 February. During it, Lavrov noted that “Moscow looked at the actions of Western countries and, perhaps, will also advise non-essential personnel of Russian diplomatic institutions to go home.” The embassy in Kiev, meanwhile, said it was operating as normal. There is no decision on partial evacuation, although the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is working on it.

Great Britain, the USA, Germany, Australia announced plans to evacuate the staff of the embassies. Some countries – Finland, Canada, Latvia, Estonia, the Netherlands, Japan, New Zealand and others – called on their citizens to immediately leave Ukraine.

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