What lies behind the explosion on Singra

Evidence is disappearing from the site of the explosion on Singru Avenue on January 26.

According to the publication newsbreak.gr, former Minister of National Defense Panos Kammenos claims missing evidence from the scene. This is a serious complaint that needs to be investigated.

A little over a week ago, in the center of Athens, not far from the colonnade of Olympian Zeus, there was powerful explosion. After him, a fire broke out in a 6-storey building. Specialists worked at the scene of the incident, and traffic along Syngro Avenue in both directions was blocked.

A huge explosion in a house at 3, Singru Avenue shook nearby streets around 07:00 am. The shock wave was so strong that on the opposite side of the avenue and even further, at a distance of 150 meters, window panes flew out. Its sound was heard in many parts of Athens.

The explosion literally razed entire apartments to the ground, even in neighboring apartment buildings. It took place next to the office of a well-known lawyer, wife of the former Minister of National Defense Panos Kammenos, Elena Tsuli. As a result of the emergency, her office literally “evaporated”.

The force of the explosion cannot be justified by a forgotten gas cylinder. Moreover, extensive investigations by the fire brigade and the counter-terrorism department did not give the desired result – the gas cylinder was never found!

Then there was a version with weapons found, which also did not explain the cause and force of the explosion. Now there is information that the authorities are focusing on the gas leak, considering it the most likely cause of the incident. By analogy with the incidents that have happened more than once outside our country – when entire floors of apartment buildings were demolished.

Earlier, Panos Kammenos, the former Minister of National Defense, made a serious allegation on his Twitter account, posting interesting photos. In particular, he wrote:

“Some time ago on Singra, where the explosion took place, the evidence disappeared. At the same time, the gas company did not apologize to anyone and did not compensate anyone for anything.”

We bring to your attention these interesting photos.

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