December 1, 2023

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Evros: 28 migrants trapped on an islet and almost drowned in the river

On an island in the middle of the Evros River, in the northern part of the prefecture, 28 migrants were trapped, in serious danger of being swept away by its rushing waters and drowned.

They were all rescued with the assistance of the 4th EMAK (Special Disaster Management Unit) and the Orestiada Fire Department. According to the police, the rescue operation of 21 men, two women and five children, which took place on Tuesday noon (1.02), involved ten authorized persons, firefighters and rescuers (ΕΜΑΚ και την Π.Υ. Ορεστιάδας).

Specialists on a boat transported people in trouble to a safe place. According to the information available at the moment, the illegal migrants are in good health and have been taken to the Orestiada police station to follow the procedures prescribed by law.

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