June 10, 2023

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Vote of no confidence in Mitsotakis government ‘rejected’ by majority

Vote of no confidence the Greek government was defeated by 156 votes in a 300-member parliament late Sunday evening.

The proposal submitted by the main opposition party, the left SYRIZA, was voted by all the opposition parties, with a total of 142 deputies from SYRIZA, KINAL, KKE, Hellenic Solution and MeRA25. One MP from the ruling New Democracy party was absent due to a recent accident and hospitalization.

The vote came after three days of plenary debate and a peak on Sunday, with speeches by party leaders and the prime minister. Kyriakos Mitsotakis did not respond to criticism from the main opposition and the other four parties. He just praised successful achievements of the government and in almost every paragraph of his speech he aimed critically at SYRIZA. “SYRIZA demands that an elected government with successful or less successful results within 31 months be condemned in the midst of a pandemic,” Mitsotakis said, among other things. The prime minister called the no-confidence vote “a desperate attempt to heal the wounds within his party.”

In response to the main criticism of last week’s blizzard, which was also the main reason for the vote of no confidence, the Prime Minister declaredthat they were “caught off guard because the snow fell on Monday afternoon, and not in the evening or at night, as usual.” The statement stunned the presenters meteorologists countries that have repeatedly indicated in forecaststhat snow will start in the morning, as indicated in the message from the service 112. (Especially pleased with the word “as usual”).

Former Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras urged Mitsotakis to go to early elections and said that the three days of debate proved “how justified were the waves of indignation and anger that swept through Greek society.” He blamed the government for the failure “at enormous social, economic and human costs”. And he accused the prime minister of “living in a glass bubble” protected by “flatterers”.

“The time has come to tell you what is really going on in Greek society. Mr. Mitsotakis, you are politically finished, but the worst thing is that you live in your own parallel universe, where everything goes well, because everything goes well only in the pro-government media, ”Tsipras emphasized.

“Leave because the citizens do not need you, the society does not need you, the country does not deserve such a decline,” declared last week in the Greek Parliament, the leader of the main opposition party SYRIZA.


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