May 25, 2024

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“Unvaccinated” stay for a while… vaccinated

One week was given to those with vaccination certificates expiring on February 1, due to Elpis’ bad weather that hit the country in the previous days.

Health Minister Thanos Pleuris announced the extension of vaccination certificates by a few days during a briefing.

According to the minister, given that due to bad weather, citizens who made an appointment could not get vaccinated, the validity of the vaccination certificate has been extended from January 31 to February 7.

This means, as the Minister of Health explained, that those citizens who completed the vaccination and 7 months had passed before February 7 had to revaccinate with the 3rd dose, otherwise they would be considered unvaccinated.

Which vaccinated people will be considered unvaccinated, and what does this mean

In the event that citizens do not receive the third dose of the vaccine, despite the deferral granted, they will automatically be considered unvaccinated and will be subject to the following restrictions:

Those who have not been vaccinated or have received only two doses of the vaccine will not be able to enter from February 7:

indoor dining areas nightclubs theaters cinemas museums conference centers gyms.

Citizens must have a negative rapid test to enter:

retail stores, outdoor dining areas, hairdressers, to work, educational institutions, beauty salons, churches. .

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