Unresolved problems – could not or did not want to? The first results of yesterday’s snowfall

At first, everything looked beautiful and touching – enthusiastic children caught falling snowflakes, and adults together poured out into the streets to enjoy such a rare snowfall in Athens, despite the cold and wind.

Apparently, the government in full force also went for a walk, ignoring the ominous forecasts of weather forecasters. And … walked along the snow-covered streets. How else can one explain the criminal inaction in relation to their citizens, who for long hours fell into snow traps in various parts of Attica?

Dispassionate activity summaries rescue services Greece testify that the Fire Brigade Operations Center received 964 calls per day from 06:00 24-01-2022 to 06:00 25-01-2022 in Attica: to transport people to and from medical facilities, as well as to cut down fallen trees and assistance in other emergencies:

725 people were transported to safety; 120 trees were cut down; 76 people were taken to medical facilities for dialysis or medical care; 13 people freed from stuck elevators.

But this is official data about the so-called “solved” problems. What about the unresolved? There are much more frightening numbers here. Judge for yourself:

Greek rescue services evacuated 1,800 vehicles and 3,500 people who were in them, trapped in the snow on the main highway of the country of Attica Odos, leading to the international airport. 1200 cars are still there. Due to a broken wire, about a dozen districts of Athens and suburbs were left without electricity, heat and the Internet, mainly in the north of the region. Dozens of technicians have been sent to eliminate accidents, but they cannot always reach the accident site, and so far many houses remain without electricity, the Internet, and individual heating. The number of patients who needed professional help in the past 24 hours is unknown – the ambulance simply could not get to the place where the doctor was called. And the sick in Sotiria had to experience the pangs of hunger – all day the food truck could not get there, and only in the late afternoon did they manage to eat. The shocking case of a family in Anthus trapped by Elpida’s bad weather. The elderly woman has been dead for 24 hours, but neither the doctor nor the funeral home can reach her due to bad weather. Chaos on Attiki Odos, the blockage of the railway connection, as well as the cancellation of flights, turned El. Venizelos” to a “hot spot”. Citizens were “locked in a trap.” On Monday, at about 15:00, train No. 54 Athens-Thessaloniki got stuck on the stretch between the Livadia and Tiforei stations due to engine problems (according to other sources, due to a power outage). According to LamiaReport, a shunting diesel locomotive was called from the Inois station to tow the train to the nearest station. Only 5 hours later (!), at 20:00, help arrived at the stuck train.

The list could go on, but is it worth it? It is also clear that the government once again simply failed to cope with the seasonal manifestations of nature. Rather, she did not want to cope, apparently deciding to continue walking around Athens, covered with a snow-white blanket.

Once again, I had to make sure that in an extreme situation you have to rely only on your own strength, not really expecting help from those who are called upon to take care of their people. But this in no way relieves them of responsibility for criminal inaction. In the meantime, it is worth listening to the advice of experts.

The General Secretariat for Civil Protection advises citizens to be especially careful in severe weather conditions. Where snowfalls and frosts are predicted, it is necessary to remember the most important:

be aware of the weather and the state of the road network; have anti-skid chains and a full tank of fuel in the car; travel preferably during the day, preferring the main roads; inform relatives about the route; change the travel schedule, if possible, to avoid weather aggression. .

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