Forecasters warn Wednesday will be a tough day

On Wednesday morning you should be extremely careful – it will be cold and slippery. Kostas Lagouvardos, director of research at the Athens Observatory, warns:

“Wednesday will be the heaviest day after the bad weather due to frost. Today the temperature hasn’t dropped much due to the clouds, however we will have an overcast night and the snow covered areas will drop too much. So on Wednesday morning we will have frost. Surfaces will freeze. Unfortunately, many areas have not been cleared, there is a lot of snow on the roads. We’ll be safer when the snow melts. You can walk on fresh snow, but the ice is not processed. On Wednesday the roads will be turned into skating rinks. Most accidents are due to frost.”

Regarding the current snowfall and whether it is the heaviest in recent years, Mr. Laguvardos explained as he writes protothema:

“No, this is not the heaviest snowfall in recent years, but it is among the ten most severe snowstorms, such as Medea. With the difference that now we also had snowstorms. We warned in advance that there would be instability with severe storms. We predicted everything. A snowstorm creates a lot of local problems and heavy snowfall. Relatively mild temperatures made the snow heavier. Snowstorms exacerbated the problem. The predictive tools also predicted the instability that we had with lightning and we had snowstorms.”


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