44-year-old anti-vaxxer priest escaped from the hospital and died

He was a fierce opponent of vaccination, had a negative attitude towards the pandemic, actively “preaching” his point of view on social networks. After escaping from the hospital, he was found semi-conscious and taken to the Pyrgos hospital, where he left his last breath.

The life of a 44-year-old priest from the village of Vyliza in the municipality of Ancient Olympia, who was diagnosed with a coronovirus, ended tragically, but he categorically refused hospitalization. Panagiotis Vgenopoulos, who said that his deep faith in God and prayers would save him from illness, abandoned protection measures after the start of the pandemic. According to ilialive.gr, the priest was an active opponent of vaccination and a denier of the existence of coronavirus, while he had asthma, as well as numerous health problems, despite his fairly young age. After contracting the coronavirus, his health deteriorated sharply.

He was first transferred to the Rio hospital in Patras, where he refused to remain for treatment. Convinced that the “killer doctors” would torture him to death, he refused treatment and “ran away” from the hospital. A few hours later, he was found in a serious condition by the Ambulance Service (EKAB). When he was brought to the Pyrgos General Hospital, his condition was extremely serious, and he died a few hours later. The 44-year-old priest was married and had two children. In a statement, the head of the 6th regional health department, Yiannis Karvelis, confirmed that the man, despite the seriousness of the situation, refused treatment and left the university clinic in Rio. A few hours later, he was taken by ambulance, half-dead, to the Pyrgos hospital. Doctors intubated him in the intensive care unit for re-transfer to Patras. Unfortunately, it was too late and he died. Most residents of the village of Vyliza did not know that he was ill, while others said that he tested negative for the coronavirus and the vaccine. The funeral of Panagiotis Vgenopoulos took place at noon on January 17, in the church of St. George Pefkon (Viliza) of Ancient Olympia. .

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