Appliance replacement subsidy program

Greek Energy Minister Kostas Skrekas announced a new program to replace energy-intensive household appliances, stressing that the government’s goal is to make the platform operational in the first half of 2022.

The minister noted that the program will cover all households with priority criteria.

“Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis announced that he will launch a program to replace old energy-intensive household appliances that consume electricity and do not perform as they should. Therefore, they do their job poorly. This way we will lower the cost of bills, protect the environment, and of course we will have the best home appliances. The program will be launched in the near future, ”Energy Minister Costas Skrekas said in the program“ What’s Happening Now ”(Τώρα ό, τι συμβαίνει) on the Open TV channel.

“Now we can say that the program will primarily concern air conditioners, which consume a lot of energy. Some apartment buildings and private houses have not used fuel oil for heating for many years. And most of the families use air conditioners for heating. … Air conditioners are key. priority, “- said the Minister of Energy. He added: “What we are replacing must be of a lower energy grade than the new one we are buying.”

“A dedicated guide will be created where families can do this if they fall into the category they want to join,” he added.

“Refrigerators are also a technique that works all day. An old refrigerator can consume a lot of energy and still not provide the cooling that food needs, ”he explained.

He also said that “at the moment the program is being finalized. Kitchen equipment, washing machines and other household appliances that consume a lot of energy will appear on the list. ”

Who are the beneficiaries

“We said that all households will be beneficiaries *. Of course, there will be criteria for prioritization and hierarchy so that there is order, ”he said. “You understand that a vulnerable household will need a large subsidy to get more points,” added Mr Skrekas.

“The beneficiaries will be all residents of the country,” he said and said that the specialization of the program will take place in the near future.
“We want the program to start in the first half of the year with the opening of the platform,” he said, stressing that it will be a program for economy standards.

Electricity and heating subsidy

Concerning subsidies for electricity and heating, Mr. Skrekas stressed that “the discount will be indicated on the first page of the invoices. Not everyone has them yet. But all applicants who have received subsidies will have them ”.

He also stressed that the business subsidy will be provided with 50% coverage. “We will cover 50% of companies’ costs. And for residential users, for heating, we subsidize natural gas in the amount of 30 euros.

* Beneficiary – the Beneficiary, also the beneficiary, beneficiary – an individual or legal entity to whom the cash payment is intended; money recipient.

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